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Marquette University assistant professor of psychology receives 2013 Way Klingler Young Scholar Award

August 14, 2013

Dr. James Hoelzle, assistant professor of psychology at Marquette University, was recently named one of the 2013 Way Klingler Young Scholar Award recipients.

Hoelzle studies how neuropsychological and personality instruments operate, primarily focusing on mild traumatic brain injuries and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder – the most frequent diagnostic conditions evaluated by neuropsychologists.

His current research covers a broad scope: from how neuropsychological testing data correlates with anatomical brain connectivity in veterans to better assessment tools for diagnosing adult ADHD to identifying ways individuals inaccurately self-report symptoms in clinical settings.

“It’s worthwhile to consider the validity of tests, the manner in which data can be integrated with clinical theories and the degree to which the assessment process improves long-term patient outcomes,” Hoelzle said.

Hoelzle hopes his research will increase the validity of assessment instruments and ultimately improve clinical outcomes for patients.

The Way Klingler Young Scholar Award is a part of the Way Klingler Faculty Development Program which is intended to advance research and scholarship. This program was made possible through an $18 million donation from Helen Way Klingler in May 2004.

The Young Scholar Awards support promising young scholars in critical stages of their careers. The awards of up to $32,000 are intended to fund $2,000 in operating costs and to cover up to 50 percent of salary to afford the recipient a one-semester sabbatical.

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