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Early Printed Works

    More than 6,000 titles comprise Marquette’s rare book collection, including such topics as Jesuit history, Catholic theology, the exploration of North America, early 20th century American and British literature and the history of typography. Printed works include:

    • 1473 edition of St. Augustine’s De Civitate Dei;
    • 15th century two-volume edition of the old Testament;
    • 12-volume set of antiphonals (illuminated manuscript choir books), completed in 1562;
    • The Triad of Miracle Workers: St. Patrick, St. Columba and St. Brigid of Ireland from 1640;
    • The Plain Path to Christian Perfection from 1774 and
    • Many important works about Jesuit missionary activities dating back to 1618.

    Further information can be found on these and other special collections.

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