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Institute for Natural Family Planning

    The institute was established in 1997 to provide professional education, research and service in natural family planning (NFP).

    Institute Goals:

    • provide NFP teacher training for health professionals;
    • conduct research and scholarship in NFP;
    • develop and offer innovative NFP services;
    • cooperate with the Catholic Church in the advancement of NFP

    The core of the institute is the NFP teacher-training program which offers the most modern methods of natural family planning. Natural family planning provides couples with a natural means of determining the times when they are fertile so they may achieve or avoid pregnancy. Modern methods of natural family planning rely on biological signals that couples can easily detect and learn to interpret. The Marquette Model of NFP incorporates the latest fertility monitoring technology with traditional natural biological markers of fertility.

    U.S. Cities Evaluating Marquette Model of NFP:

    • Milwaukee
    • St. Louis
    • Madison
    • Atlanta
    • Oklahoma City

    Director: Richard Fehring, associate professor of nursing
    Phone: (414) 288-3838
    Fax: (414) 288-1939