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Institute for the Transformation of Learning

    Institute’s Mission:

    To support exemplary options that transform learning for children, while empowering families, particularly low income families, to choose the best options for their children.

    The Institute Offers:

    • Planning for Milwaukee’s charter, independent and private schools;
    • Comprehensive audit services for existing Milwaukee schools;
    • Guidance for existing schools to become fully accredited;
    • Forums for research;
    • Discussion and advocacy for changing the way young people learn, especially the poor;
    • Neighborhood Technology Learning Centers with computer technology and youth-focused instruction;
    • Professional Development Center, which helps educators improve teaching and learning processes;
    • Wisconsin Charter School Resource Center, which works to create a positive environment for quality charter school development.

    Director: Howard Fuller, distinguished professor of education
    Phone: (414) 288-5775
    Fax: (414) 288-6199