Tag: Environment

Gerry Canavan

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: English

  • Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • American Studies
  • Climate Change Narratives
  • Apocalyptic Narratives
  • Ecological Humanities
  • Popular Culture
  • Comic Books and Superheroes
  • American Literature
  • Contemporary World Literature
  • Critical Theory
  • Utopia
  • Ecological Debt
  • Visions of Ecological Apocalypse
  • Ecology and Environmental Politics
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Jame Schaefer

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Theology

  • Environmental Ethics
  • Ecological Problems
  • Relation Between Science and Religion/Judeo-Christianity (Including religious faith and medical treatment)
  • Evolution and Theology
  • Intelligent Design Movement
  • Evolution and Theology
  • Theology and Technology
  • Theological Foundations for Environmental Ethics
  • Religion and Science
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Susanne Foster

Title: Associate Professor/Assistant Chair
Department: Philosophy

  • Human Happiness
  • Environmental Philosophy
  • Native American Philosophy
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