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Holiday story ideas from Marquette University

December 16, 2011

MILWAUKEE — As you develop news stories this holiday season, Marquette University offers the following ideas and related experts to assist you. Please feel free to contact any of these individuals directly; otherwise, contact Andy Brodzeller or Chris Stolarski in the Office of Marketing and Communication.

The history and significance of Advent
In Latin, “advent” means “the coming.” What is the historical basis of Advent, and why do Christians celebrate this season of preparation? Rev. Doug Leonhardt, S.J., associate director of University Mission and Identity, has the answers.

A video of Leonhardt discussing the season of Advent is available online.

Doug Leonhardt
Associate director, University Mission and Identity
Office: (414) 288-7837

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum
Many American holiday traditions are rooted in the history of the Christmas season in Germany — especially here in Milwaukee. Stephani Richards-Wilson, assistant dean in the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences and expert in the history, literature and lore of Germany, can weave the Christmas tale from the Old Country.

Stephani Richards-Wilson
Assistant dean, Klingler College of Arts and Sciences
Office: (414) 288-5305

Noisy toys
You may feel confident the toys you’re giving your children are not choking hazards, or are tested for their age group. But did you ever consider the danger to their ears?  Each year, the Sight & Hearing Association tests a variety of toys for potentially dangerous noise levels and compiles their list of the year’s noisiest toys. Ed Korabic, chair and professor of speech pathology and audiology, explains this is one list you should check twice.

Edward W. Korabic, Ph.D., CCC-A, FAAA
Chair and associate professor of speech pathology and audiology
Office: (414) 288-3428
Home: (414) 899-3517

Shop ‘til we drop
Sales, coupons, late store hours, layaway programs, gift cards. Like it or not, retail shopping is a significant part of the holiday season. In fact, the holiday shopping season accounts for 50 percent of annual sales for many retailers. Dennis Garrett, associate professor of marketing, can discuss all facets of holiday retail marketing and sales.

Dennis Garrett
Associate professor of marketing
Office: (414) 288-3371
Home: (262) 377-0997

Safe snow shoveling
Everyone dreams of a white Christmas, but it comes with a cost: shoveling. More than a simple annoyance, shoveling can put a lot of strain on the body and even cause serious injury if not done properly. Christopher Geiser, clinical assistant professor of exercise science, discusses how to prepare for the lifting and what to do when you wake up with that sore back.

Christopher Geiser
Clinical assistant professor of exercise science
Office: (414) 288-6210
Home: (414) 699-6160

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
The holidays are a joyous time when families come together. But unruly house guests, sibling rivalry and the inevitable stress that the season brings can cause family conflict. Ed de St. Aubin, associate professor of psychology, has tips and advice for keeping the peace and managing family stress.

Ed de St. Aubin
Associate professor of psychology
Office: (414) 288-2143
Home: (414) 861-1266

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